Find Discounts on Great Beauty Brands at TJ Maxx and Marshalls


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If you are shopping this time of year and looking for gifts or even things for yourself (my favorite phrase is, after all, Treat Yo’ Self!), don’t forget to check out the beauty aisles of TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

There are some true gems on the shelves! 

I like to stroll around TJ Maxx and see if anything pops out at me.  Last year I was roaming around Marshall’s and found a perfume that quickly grew to be one of my favorites.  Over the last couple of years, the beauty/skincare areas of both stores have really grown.  You can find some awesome deals there.

Since I am conscious of ingredients and try to avoid the big toxins, I read labels. As I have spoken about in the past, I like to adhere to the 80/20 rule where eighty percent of what I use is green and clean and twenty percent is drugstore and conventional products that may or may not be super clean.  This balance allows me to maintain a pretty clean routine while not stressing out about every single product I use.

At TJ Maxx and Marshalls, there are some really good deals, especially the beauty tools. Recently I found a Derma Roller and Jade Rolling kit that were good quality and priced under twelve dollars.  There are great makeup brushes, nail clippers, nail files, eyelash curlers, skincare brushes, loofahs.

Don’t skip over this area, sometimes you really have to look at everything to find outstanding items but over the years I have found amazing deals.

The cosmetics are a little tricky because I’ve noticed the brands are often ones I am not familiar with so I don’t spend a ton of time looking at the makeup.  I’d love to see more natural/organic makeup brands sold. I hope they can work on bringing in some green, clean cosmetics.  They are much needed!

In the skin care, body wash and body lotion area, I’ve seen products from Philosophy, Jason Organics, Alba Botanica, Bliss, Avalon Organics, Dr. Bonner.  More natural brands that I have seen include the Yes To… brand, Kiss My Face, Hugo Naturals, Pacifica, Ren, and Burt’s Bees.  You have to check often since things are moved in and out quickly.

There are always loads of makeup wipes/makeup removers, I like to seek out the ones with natural or non-toxic ingredients.

The other day, I saw bottles of Rosehip Seed oil available, this is a great oil for the face and body.

Be sure to check out the essential oils and oil diffusers, the prices are lower than what you’d find at Target, Amazon etc. Usually, you can find sets that include three or more oils for $9.99.

If you are hoping to find good hair care, you will probably feel like you’ve hit the jackpot. TONS of shampoo, conditioner and styling products. The brands I have seen most often include Big Sexy Hair, Fekkai, Devacurl, Macadamia Nut Oil, SheaMoisture (one of my faves), Oribe, Oscar Blandi, just to name a handful.  There are always heat styling products to choose from including curling irons, blow dryers and flat irons.

Before my vacations, I stop in at TJ Maxx to check out their travel sizes. I have purchased several hair care products in small sizes along with containers for travel.

Sidenote: they have a good little travel section with helpful items!

If you don’t like braving the crowds at this time of year, you can shop at TJ Maxx online, I think I could do all of my Christmas shopping here! 

Have you found any great beauty deals at either of these stores?