Find Your Perfect MAC Mascara


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MAC Mascaras

by Samara

One beauty must-have that I cannot live without is a good mascara. Over the years I have used everything from cheap drugstore brands to expensive department store mascaras, searching for the perfect one. Not only does mascara darken and lengthen your natural lashes, it makes the whites of your eyes brighter & gives you an all over polished look. I was very excited to get the opportunity to try out six different kinds of MAC mascara over the last week. Here’s what I thought:

1. Pro Longlash- I only needed one coat of this mascara to get beautiful, long, glossy lashes. I would definitely recommend this for more natural look, as you get great color with only one coat which leaves lashes looking like they are naturally long & dark.

2. Fibre Rich Lash– This mascara lengthens lashes & also coats each one, which helps make them look thicker. And unlike a lot of mascaras that promise to thicken your lashes, this one doesn’t look clumpy. Not as glossy of a finish as Pro Longlash, but really thickens the shortest of lashes.

3. Splashproof Lash– One thing I can’t stand is waterproof mascara that at the end of a day at the beach, or after a night of crying, you have the dreaded “raccoon eyes” which basically means that it doesn’t necessarily wear off.. rather smears around your eyes. This thickens your lashes and doesn’t smear or flake off. Definitely recommended for those nights watching Grey’s Anatomy with your girlfriends!

4. Zoom Lash– Almost everyday before I apply mascara, I curl my lashes. Sometimes after I apply the mascara, it almost “weighs” the lashes down, which brings me to break out the eyelash curler again and then if the mascara is still wet… it just ends up in one big mess. Zoom Lash Mascara actually helps keep the ‘curl’ in your lashes, no matter how many coats of it you put on.

5. Zoom Fast Black Lash– Same as Zoom Lash (above) but with extra dark pigments for the blackest of lashes. Sometimes people like to wear brown or a lighter black mascara for daytime & switch to black at night, but I love wearing the darkest black mascara I can find, morning, noon & night so I absolutely love this one!

6. Mascara X- Out of all the mascaras that I’ve tried, this one was one of my favorites. It has a thick, yet soft bristle wand that gives lashes great volume without using an eyelash curler. You can put on many coats without having to deal with any clumping.. Perfect for those seeking very dramatic looking lashes without using false eyelashes!