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I love… and I do mean LOVE green beauty.

I enjoy discovering new brands that don’t contain toxins.

I like being as healthy as I possibly can be and the skin care that I’ve tested and reviewed from green, clean beauty brands is superior to anything else.

That being said, I’ve missed strolling down the aisles at the drugstore or Target and purchasing makeup impulsively.   I’ve talked about my journey with finding out what dangerous chemicals lurk in personal care products and how I threw out bags of products when I discovered the ingredients in so many drugstore/conventional items were toxic.

I’ve spent hours worrying about the awful chemicals in makeup and I’ve researched ingredients, read tons about cosmetics, studied up on brands and I STILL GOT SICK with various ailments (not cosmetics related but worry/anxiety related).

Even my strict diet didn’t protect me from fatigue, headaches, a burning stomach and more.

Presently, I’m easing up a bit and if I want something, I’m going to buy it.  I always think it’s wise to research and learn but now I’m understanding how to let go of worry and stress and enjoy makeup.

It’s fun, it’s exciting to try new things, and the anxiety over cosmetics is probably worse than the actual makeup on my skin for a few hours!

I pretty much abide by the 80/20 rule where the majority of what I use is clean and green, but I’m leaving room for things like the E.L.F makeup and nail polish and other items I grab at Target or CVS or what I toss in my Amazon cart.

Before going on vacation, I went to Sally Beauty and Ulta and strolled up and down the aisles, searching for products to de-frizz my hair.

I allowed myself the freedom to buy what I wanted and not worry about everything.  It had been years, YEARS, since I’ve shopped anywhere like that.

I do skip over conventional/drugstore lotions, creams, and skincare because I will spend the extra money on products that utilize organic, natural ingredients for my face.

If a cream or oil is going to sit on my skin for eight hours while I’m sleeping then I want it to be non-toxic.

Same with body lotions.  I seek out clean, non-irritating face washes as well, not wanting to dry my skin out or irritate my eyes.

I bought the above E.L.F. Palette which covers dark spots, under eye circles, redness, and imperfections.

And I love it.  

Is it toxic?

Maybe a little.

Am I going to worry?


Is there a way to be mindful and cautious about ingredients yet refrain from worry?


Educate yourself, learn, decide what’s right for you and above all else, do not worry and stress and beat yourself up over buying a Revlon lipstick or whatever the case may be.

We are all evolving and learning in all areas of life.

Enjoy makeup, enjoy trying green beauty and living a clean life but give yourself room to try something new once in a while.

Bottom line, don’t worry and be happy.

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