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Blow Lip Plumper

Lip Gunk

LORAC Mocktail

Gloss Appeal by Clarins

Once I applied to be on Survivior, just to show my husband that I could indeed survive without a blowdryer.

On the application, they ask what your one luxury item would be and of course I wrote in Lip Gloss!

I figured it was the ideal item to take along for the journey- you could use it on your lips and in a pinch, on your cheeks. Who wants to be on tv looking pale? Shiny lips always perk up a face. So you see, I really am slightly obsessed with gloss. Shiny, glorious, pink gloss! Clearly I never made it on Survivor and perhaps that is a good thing. Because I dont know if I could live on coconut milk and boiled water for more than one day. Back to the gloss- I’ve tried out several recently and I bring you the results of my extensive testing- they all would be so perfect on a deserted island.

LORAC’s Mocktails are deliciously scented glosses. Squeeze the tube on one end and the color comes out the brush on the other. These smell so incredible.

Chi-Chi is a clear, pearly shade and smells like a frostly Pina Colada.

Tropical Dream is a sheer peach shade and I cant for the life of me figure out which cocktail it smells like. Boones Farm?

Urban Decay’s Lip Blow Plumper increases my pout a bit but what I like best is the sheer color that adds just the right amount of shine.

I top it off with Lip Gunk, a gloss that offers super shimmer and sparkle. I see the metallic trend for fall is carried over into the gloss which contain bits of glitter especially in the shade of Litter! I love it.

You can top off any color with a little Lip Gunk for gorgeous lips.

Biker is a silver pink which I apply on top of the Lip Blow. My pouty lips look all glorious and glimmery!

Clarin’s Gloss Appeal offers maximum shine. The applicator is pretty lush and plump and it feels good simply to use it. I tested two colors, both shades of pink. The texture, consistency and everything else about this gloss is perfect.

Now I want a tube in every single color. Check out 03 (Paradise) an irridescent pink and 06 (Orchyd) a glimmery hot pink, combine together for the most perfect shade of lip gloss ever.   I wonder if I will ever go back to being a lipstick lover? Gloss is so super sexy!

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