Best Makeup Dupes for Your High End Products


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Have you been searching for the best makeup dupes for your high end beauty products? Me too!  I’ve been searching, testing and reading about the best drugstore products that are perfect matches for high end, luxury brands.  There are some that I have tried and loved and other that come up over and over again on numerous other beauty blogs and makeup sites so I thought I would feature them here on the blog.

There are some products that are so close that I do wonder if they are made at the same factory and then have different labels.

(there’s a rumor that ColourPop is behind Kylie Jenner’s products… it’s definitely worth checking out)  

I have found some fantastic drugstore makeup dupes that rival the luxury brands.  the L’Oreal Blush featured here is excellent and I have not been let down by ELF Products which are very affordable.

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