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mark1-8923157I forget sometimes that mark offers the coolest accessories in addition to makeup. This m. powerment bracelet helps raise funds to work on preventing dating and partner abuse.

There is an equally gorgeous necklace you can purchase, both items feature the Lauren Conrad designed heart on one side and the m. powerment emblem on the other. I have the bracelet and the photo does not do it justice. Its very delicate, dainty and pretty. You can learn about the bracelet, necklace and the cause by visiting here.

mark2-8836536I love big funky earrings but hate how so many of them weigh my little ears down. Not these! Aren’t they cool? I love the boho vibe. I have the gold ones which go perfectly with a variety of shirts I have in my closet.

They are eye catching but not too big and I wear these with an antique gold pendant.

Order them here, or view other pieces of jewelry.

I have a new love for citrus scents. I recently read that women who wear citrusy perfumes are perceived to be TEN YEARS younger than they really are. Which means when I wear this perfume, people must believe I’m not even thirty!


mark’s Citrus Bloom Fragrance Mist contains green mango, juicy mandarin and lemon ice combined with orange flower, honeysuckle and jasmine then a little  teak, patchouli and sandalwood round out the scent. The dry down features more of the mandarin/lemon with just a hint of the floral. I’m all into this scent, I need the matching Body Lotion to round out the experience and make me feel even younger! For more info, click here.

mark has so much to offer and I need to visit the site more often. For example, besides the items featured here, there is the cutest black biker bag that I’m lusting over, hair styling products (I’m looking at you MegaVolume!) and a giant  beach hat to shield the face from the sun this summer.

So many things! I immediately thought, what a great place to shop for a Mothers Day gift. Feel free to buy me anything there!

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