Mirenesse Sexy Secret Weapon 24hr Mascara & Primer


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Mirenesse Sexy Secret Eye Primer is something I need every single day. I used to only need an under eye concealer if I didnt sleep well, now its a necessity in my cosmetics arsenal! This eye primer can multi-task,  not only does it hide under eye circles but it also disguises redness, blemishes and discoloration. This creamy formula blends well and helps decrease the appearance of “crows feet by up to  60%”  !

The liquid consistency dries to a powder which is ideal for eye lids. Apply right before eye shadow. It locks in the color for hours.

With this innovative product, you don’t have to worry about flaking, clumping, smearing, irritation or removal. Mirenesse Sexy Secret Weapon 24 HR Mascara gently “tubes” each lash in rich color. When you are ready to remove it, simply slide off the tubes with a warm washcloth.

I strongly dislike having to take the extra time to separately wash off my eye makeup. I like to do it all at once. With this mascara, you can skip the eye makeup remover. And there will be no residue left under your eyes either.

This mascara has garnered several awards like Best Mascara, Best New Mascara, Most Innovative. And I have to agree. With Mirenesse Sexy Secret Weapon, my lashes are dark,  long with a slight curl. This mascara can take you from morning till night. Bonus- its free from parabens, mineral oil, petroleum and all the other nasty ingredients we should stay away from.

Mirenesse is a company that comes to us from Austalia. They have lots of neat products including skincare. Give this brand a whirl! Check them out here. They are also contributing to Breast Cancer Awareness with profits from this collection going towards the cause.