New + Stunning Eyeshadow From L’Oreal


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quadIf you are as bad as applying eye shadow as I am, you must buy yourself the new L’Oreal Studio Secrets Eyeshadow Quad.This four color pan makes it a cinch to properly apply shadows and get that sought after smoky eye.

The shades are labeled 1-4 with application directions on the back of the compact. You start by lining your eye with number one, the darkest of the colors. Add the mid-tone number two then highlight with number three.  I add the last color to my lid, all over, blending everything with an eye shadow brush. Done and done. Then I add a ton of mascara and maybe a few false eye lashes. I only do this at night, during the day I tend to look like a tranny queen out on a daytime stroll.

With this nifty little eye quad and a little practice, you will be able to do a dramatic smoky eye. I’ve watched endless You Tube videos on doing a night time eye and that, accompanied by my eyeshadow foursome, cuts the application time in half.

Also noteworthy from L’Oreal  is the Infallible Lip Color Stars Collection features colored base and a sheer gloss over top. The gloss seals in the color and makes life easier but not having to obsessively reapply lip color after every kiss, drink, or meal.

The Stars collection features colors named after famous women. I tried the follwing shades:  Beyonce Red (wow, talk about a bright retro shade for a high impact!), Diane’s Tuberose, a mid tone red pink (We’re taking about Ms. Keaton here), 22187141Kate’s Plum, as the name suggests, a darker shade named after a Mexican film actress, Kate del Castillo, not Kate Hudson as I originally- and mistakenly- thought. Note to L’Oreal I’d love a Dollface shade, it would be a pink-peach with a blue tint so teeth look brighter.

You can find more shades from the Stars Collection and the entire Infallible line. There are plenty of colors to suit your every mood and outfit. Find them  by going to your friendly neighborhood drugstore, Target, or here on Ulta. And check out this video of Miss Beyonce herself getting ready using her own Beyonce Red!

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