New Loves From MAC Cosmetics – Fabulous Felines


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Even before I had products in my hand from this collection, I loved it. (Disclaimer- I’d love it more if the products were all natural and organic) The colors are amazing, the collection is enormous and even though I am not a fan of cats, I can get into the three debut color collections- Palace Pedigreed, Leopard Luxe and Burmese Beauty.

Why cats, you might ask? Because “the noble cat has always been associated with the exotic, mysterious, beauty, elegance and the feminine.”  It’s clear we aren’t talking about your average tabby. Here are the collections:

Burmese Beauty is all about shades of sable, champagne and teak-olive.

Check out the Superslick Liquid Eye Liner called Defiantly Feline, its a smooth chocolate brown. Dot this liquid linert along your lashline then gently smudge. Treat Me Nice is a deep green, so flattering with a light gold pigment. Stays put all day.


Palace Pedigreed is all about silvers and grays. Chic and modern. A little chilly. Like a sexy  Russian spy.

Fave lipstick is called Aristo-Cats, a frosted mauve. Pigment I tried is called Bloodline, a dark, dirty purple. I love it as an eyeliner, applied with a tiny thin brush along the lashline.


Leopard Luxe is wild and sleek — like a lynx.

I tried the pigment in the shade of Lithe, a warm nude gold- this color just screams fall! Mineralize Blush in Utterly Game (I wonder if thats what she is wearing below?) is a warm peach that compliments the gold tones of this collection.


There is so much more to this collection than what I have here. MAC offers many shades of lipglass and lipsticks, there are amazing eye quads, creme stick liners, there are rich plums and greens that are ideal to bring in the fall season.

The standout for me is the SuperSlick Liquid Eyeliner which allows you to apply the liner in a very precise manner thanks to the tapered applicator. Drag it over your lashline and swoop it out at the ends, perfect cats eye.

For more- and there is a lot- please go to the MAC website! Meow!