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Your Best Eyes This Summer

Your Best Eyes This Summer

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Here’s what I have been using and loving over the last few months!



Peter Thomas Roth Lashes to Die For Serum helps lashes grow longer and thicker thanks to their patent-pending formula and conditioning ingredients.

If you have short, dry lashes you will like the effect of this serum which also helps keep lashes supple and moisturized. Key ingredients include Vitamins A, C, E  plus  Pro Vitamin B5 plus the PTR Lash Complex which helps encourage lash growth. Applied to the roots of lashes, the serum absorbs quickly and didn’t bother my sensitive eyes. 

I felt my lashes have grown and I like the fact this product is non-irritating and doesn’t have a scent. Its been about two months of me using this every night without fail and I like it a lot!



I am loving the Wunder2 High Tech beauty eyeliners! These are super soft with a creamy texture and stay put all day long.  They don’t smudge or smear, even on the hottest days. I love that they come in a wide variety of colors too!

I use a little of my favorite Trader Joes cleanser at night to remove all makeup and this washes off easily with no residue.

When the tip begins to dull a little, I just sharpen it and I’m back in business. I like to line only the upper lash line then coat lashes with mascara.


As pictured in the featured photo, I am currently loving the Rimmel Wonder’fully Real Mascara which gives lashes a dose of deep rich color but also washes off easily and quickly. I did a full review of this product a few weeks ago and am still liking it!


I am also using and loving W3LL People makeup including the eyeliners, mascara, concealer and the tinted moisturizer. My very favorites are products that are nontoxic and natural though I do use conventional beauty products.

For those who are strict with what they use (I use about 80 percent nontoxic/green and 20 percent conventional/drugstore products) I can highly recommend W3LL People. On days when I need only a little coverage, their tinted moisturizer cannot be beaten!

To cover my super dark circles, I first use this ELF concealer palette after applying a hydrating under-eye cream. Then I apply a concealer from IT CosmeticsW3LL People, or Jane Iredale.  I almost always use a very light eyeshadow too.



What have you been using this summer?

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