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I love a short, clean, painted nail with a very shiny color. And SpaRitual nail polishes are among my very favorite. From the cool rubbery top with an anti-slip grip to the colors and the top coat for high gloss, these are fantastic. I also like the brush which is short and dense for excellent application of color.
Toxins can easily lurk in nail polishes but SpaRitual’s products are free from  DBP, toluene, camphor, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin and they are vegan. The bottles above are from the holiday GOLD collection.
The gold/champagne shade is called Rising Spirit, Unite is a red, Come Together is a dark mauve, and Take A Stand is deep green and also, on trend for the spring.
Apply two coats of color then apply the smudge resistant clear top coat and allow to dry. Nails will look as though you just had a professional manicure.  Color lasts for days! You can reapply the top coat to keep nail color looking fresh.
I highly recommend all of SpaRituals colors and products! For more, go here. 

The lip gloss I’ve been wearing most often comes from Osmosis Lip Gloss. I was recently introduced to this brand when I reviewed their incredible Age Defying Treatment concealer and now I have been using and loving this gloss.
Nicely pigmented, this gloss offers a high shine and keeps lips soft but not sticky. While I was traveling recently, this is the gloss I reached for all day long.  You will also like the fact that its gluten-free and oncology friendly.
I’ve used this gloss on its own and also over a darker lip color and it works well no matter how you apply it. I started researching the ingredients and most are rated as a low hazard for toxins if that’s something that concerns you. I’m always glad to find products that are outstanding and also non-toxic.
So far I’ve really liked what I have tried from Osmosis and look forward to trying more! Have you tried this brand yet?

Pouty lips and longer lashes, if I can achieve this naturally, I am all for it! ArtNaturals brings us a couple of products to naturally increase volume in lips and our lashes.
Lush Eyelash Serum is made with Apple Stem Cells “which have been clinically proven to increase thickness and length by 25% in the first two weeks of usage.” I saw a noticeable improvement in my lashes when I started using this.
I apply every night before bed, close to the lash line on my upper eyelashes. Be careful and only apply a small amount, you don’t want this running into eyes as it stings a little.  You can also apply to your brow area to encourage growth.
Also worth your time to check out is the Natural Kiss Lip Gloss Plumper. Enhance lips by applying this to a clean, dry mouth. Without stinging or hurting, lips will plump up over time and with consistent use.
Sunflower oils & shea butter help to keep lips soft and hydrated,  the consistency is very light, not sticky and there’s a really nice shine to this as well. I have been applying this under my lipstick almost like a primer.
ArtNatural uses packaging that is made with BPA-free materials and products are paraben-free and cruelty-free. I’ve tried several things from this brand and really like them. Have you tried any products from ArtNaturals?

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