Beauty and Nutrition: 2 of My Favorite Things


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EBOOST just introduced their newest flavor called Acai Pomegranate. I received a few samples to shake into my water and I have to tell you, I love it. I am all over natural supplements which put a spring in my step and don’t contain any chemicals.

Acai Pomegranate EBOOST contains C, D and B12, resveratrol, quercetin, zinc, green tea and anti-oxidant Acai berries. In short, these ingredients help with fatigue, focus immunity and energy. I need help in all those department. I’m tired, can’t concentrate and always feel like I need a nap.

You can find EBOOST in places like Bed, Bath & Beyond, W Hotels, Equinox Fitness Clubs, Bristol Farms, CO Bigelow and more. For more info and to order your own packet of EBOOST, click here.

Another must-have product in my arsenal of health foods is RealFood Organics, certified organic vitamins that are made with fruits and vegetables plus seeds, sprouts, legumes and grains. I’m trying hard to eat a lot of seeds and nuts and more vegetables. Its hard! Thank goodness there are vitamins I can take to get the nutrients my body needs.

I like the fact that the company uses 100% eco-friendly packaging and utilizes windmill power in the production of their products. I am taking the YOUR Daily Nutrition capsules for a test drive, good for everyone, but there is also HER nutrition and HIS, for our own separate needs.

Each serving of YOUR Daily Nutrition provides one serving of fruits and vegetables plus daily nutrients. And it:

•Supports cardiovascular health

•Increases activity of your body’s internal antioxidant system (anti-aging)

•Increases energy

•Increases absorption of vitamins C and E by over 200%

•Supports immune health

Sometimes I mix (disgusting) green powder with water for a little ooomph but its tastes so bad that I end up gagging. Taking these vitamins is one hundred percent easier! Please head over to RealFood Organics to learn more.

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