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I’ve been doing yoga for several years, mostly at home. I find that walking, light weights, and yoga a few times a week is what I can fit into my schedule and these are things that I enjoy. 

Yoga is almost always calming and soothing. When I finish a yoga session, I always feel better than when I started. I encourage everyone to try yoga, stress creates tight muscles and the result is pain andd discomfort.

I am always seeking good yoga stretches for tight hips and back pain, these are areas where stress tends to settle in my body.

There is probably a yoga video for exactly what you need. There’s a variety of yoga styles as well as length of time. I like videos that are 20-45 minutes long because that works well with my schedule. I have done some really long videos and find that I tend to get a little antsy.

It’s a good idea to pair a yoga session with a little meditation, Boho Beautiful offers some very calming guided meditations.

I have been fans of the following yoga channels on YouTube for years!

Do you do yoga, what is your favorite? When I am super stressed and need to really relax, I will look for yin yoga where you hold poses for several minutes.

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Here are some of my favorites!



I love these beautiful, calming videos that typically last around thirty minutes or so.  New videos are available weekly. These feature beginner to intermediate yoga routines. 

They offer How-To videos, meditations, Yoga for Kids. Their videos are nicely organized with a variety of playlists making it easy to find exactly what you need.


Boho Beautiful 

You will enjoy the lush, stunning settings and serene yoga sessions. I want to jump into the screen whenever I do a Boho yoga workout.

These are on the shorter side, usually between 15-25 minutes long. You don’t have to have a lot of yoga experience to enjoy them. Just take a deep breath and follow along. Boho also offers meditations. 

They feature videos about their various travels, animals, and their adventures on the go.

Watching videos from Boho Beautiful will make you want to travel more, guaranteed!


Do Yoga With Me

This was one of the first yoga channels I found on YouTube when I started doing yoga on a regular basis. There are tons of videos which range in time from twenty minutes to an hour. 

There are various styles of yoga and yoga for specific ailments, some Pilates workouts as well as yoga for kids and information on topics like mental health. Do Yoga With Me feature a range of teachers too.

Whatever you are looking for, you can probably find it on this channel.


Five Parks Yoga

This channel offers yoga routines that are for those who might have a little bit of experience. Every time I do one of these videos, I feel like I’ve gotten a decent workout and I may be sore the next day. 

These are typically on the longer side, from thirty minutes to an hour although there are shorter ones.

The setting is gorgeous (filmed in Costa Rica and Colorado) especially if you are looking for a lush tropical setting.  Erin is a fantastic teacher and explains things well. She offers lots of videos for a wide variety of ailments, aches, and pains.

Some of these videos are super challenging!

Yoga is so beneficial for the body--it is unbelievable. This yoga for fat loss workout is perfect for my goals! #yoga #fatloss

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