Breast Cancer Awareness: Love Your Jugs


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So imagine that one day you are in the shower and you are using your favorite Philosophy Amazing Grace shower gel and everything is great and suddenly you are drawn to check for breast lumps for some reason.  And you find one.

You go to the doctor and because breast cancer runs rampant in your mother’s side of the family, there is no time wasted in getting you in for a mammogram and ultrasound.  The technician doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary so you relax a little. It’s Thanksgiving and Christmas and breast cancer would really cramp your holiday style so you forget the lump. Sort of.

Then you go for a yearly physical and the doctor informs you that since the lump is still there, you should really have it biopsied.

Because you aren’t in the mood to deal, you blow it off.  Until the dr. calls your house and tells you that you must go in and get that lump taken care of.


Long story short, you are in the hospital, having an ultrasound guided needle biopsy and the radiologist tells you that something looks suspicious and it’s not even the lump that you are in there for.  You go for your results expecting everything to be A-okay, well not really because you’ve got that nagging feeling that something is amiss.

You learn, as you are sitting in his cold office, that the pathologist has determined that there is cause for concern and there is something wrong and your cells are not healthy, and it very well could be malignant.  Surgery is scheduled and you freak out because you have no control over what’s going on or what’s growing in your body.  Because you are curious and an alarmist and need to learn everything, you hop onto the internet and practically diagnose yourself and start wondering if your husband will find a new wife if you die and wonder if your kids will remember you.

I’m awaiting my surgery which is way more involved than I would like it to be.  I go in on Friday early, early morning and have to have a chunk taken out of my breast.

The postings here have been few and far between because I have a lot on my mind and I’ve been spending time on this site here.

I encourage you to take a moment and learn more because who knows what’s growing in your body?

Check it out, please. Do this for yourself.

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