Chinese Medicine in Easy Packets from D’ao Labs

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Traditional Chinese Medicine that brings health and balance to your life? From the ease of your own home? YES!

Introducing D’ao Labs, products made with natural herbs with no artificial flavors or GMOs. D’ao Labs gives us Traditional Chinese Medicine in single serve packets.

While potent and powerful, the herbs of TCM have never been revered for their taste. In fact, unappealing flavors is one of the reasons why TCM hasn’t been accepted by more Westerners. Knowing this, we were able to put more emphasis on developing flavors that would not only appeal to the palate, but would set a new taste standard for all modern TCM products.

The herbs are blended into powders and added to water. It’s so easy and quick! I love the idea of bringing these powerful herbs to use in these packets.

I tried the Emotional Balance, here’s what you need to know:

Emotional Balance is designed after the incredibly popular Xiao Yao San (“Free & Easy Wanderer”). It’s a formula comprised of eight amazing herbs that we’ve enhanced to make unleashing emotional happiness a cinch.
Chinese medicine is powerful, but it’s also complex and in most cases, not very tasty. We’re making this ancient practice approachable, convenient and flavorful, without sacrificing the benefits. We’re also setting the industry bar on product testing and sustainability.

It’s made from sustainably-sourced herbs which are chosen for specific purposes like White Peony which nourishes the blood and calms the liver, Chinese Angelica Root which strengthens the blood and reduces swelling.
Because I have adrenal fatigue and am often extremely tired, I’m very happy to feel a boost in energy when taking the Emotional Balance. Its fizzy and pleasant tasting. It contains honey powder (not white sugar) so taking it was not a problem.

My favorite time of day for this is the afternoon to avoid the 3 pm slump that I almost always experience.

I also tried Digestive Harmony, suitable for acid reflux, bloating, stomach aches. For years I suffered from acid reflux, brought on by stress, where I’d have terrible burning heartburn, this would have really helped me back then!

The flavor of Digestive Harmony is so tasty, its orange and chai, the scent would make a great candle because it smells SO GOOD. It would also make a really good hot tea, I’m going to make this with hot water later.

There are eight herbs in here, chosen for their ability to soothe an upset stomach or help with indigestion, like after a big meal. I have a sensitive stomach, especially prone to having stomach cramps after eating out when I can’t control all of the little things that bother me.

Taking this helps quickly. Sometimes I get stomach cramps and I don’t know why but taking this stops the pain. It’s much better than drinking a ginger ale which is typically my go-to for stomach pain and cramps.

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