Cleaning with Herbs and Plants

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By Demi Giles

Have you ever thought about the cleaning techniques applied by your grandmother or great grandmother? They did not have an aisle in the supermarket full of cleaning supplies, but at the same time, they managed to keep the house dirt-free.

Their generation seemed to be healthier than ours, maybe due to the fact that they did not use toxic cleaning substances. Surprising or not, some cleaning methods used a couple of decades ago, are still applicable today.

If you are interested in keeping your house clean by using natural remedies, try different herbs.

Their cleaning and disinfecting properties have been known for centuries.

  • Burdock is well-known for its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant properties. It is widely used as a health remedy and as an ingredient of many delicious meals. It is sold in many forms including teas, tinctures, capsules that can help you cleanse your skin.

  • Chamomile extract is a widely used means of disinfection. It is the main ingredient in beauty products with calming effects.

  • You might be surprised to find out that scrubbing the stainless steel faucets and countertops with cucumber insides will make them shinier than ever. As for the cucumber peels, they can serve as erasers on walls or tables.

  • Remember that moths hate the smell of lavender? That’s the most effective solution for keeping moths at bay, but you can also use an orange studded with cloves.

  • Everyone looking for frugal and yet effective cleaning solutions has heard about the incredible cleaning properties of lemon juice. Use it for cleaning countertops, stainless steel objects, aluminum, plus use for grease stains on fabrics.


  • If you are looking for a natural insect repellent to keep mosquitoes away, peppermint is what you need! Rodents, ants, mosquitoes can’t stand the smell either, so take full advantage and use it as a natural pest control.

  • Speaking of rodents, mint repels mice. If you place the plant near the attic or in the basement, the mice will be provoked to leave. Anise will also help you keep your house clean of rodents. You can make a mousetrap of a few anise seeds and peanut butter.

  • According to deep cleaning Chelsea, the following herbs and plants have cleaning superpowers: lavender, lemongrass, basil, cardamom, eucalyptus, ginger, oregano, hyssop, clove, rosemary, sage, coriander, spearmint.

  • It’s no coincidence that the eucalyptus, lavender, lemongrass, and peppermint are among the most widespread essential oils. Their antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties have a vast application in the beauty and house cleaning industries.

  • Most people are so concentrated on performing their house cleaning tasks that they often forget about the quality of the indoor air. If you want to keep the dust particles floating in the air to the minimum, place a rosemary pot in the room.

  • Lavender also has excellent air-purifying qualities and it also helps reduce anxiety and sleep better.

  • Jasmine has a beneficial effect on the body and soul. Make yourself jasmine tea or just place the plant in a room to cleanse the air. Every time you get into the room, you will smell the pleasant, subtle jasmine aroma.

Don’t opt for expensive, toxic cleaning supplies before you try these natural remedies!


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