Easy Exercises for Lazy People (Like Me)

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Once you turn a certain age, you begin to realize truths about yourself.

One thing that has become abundantly clear is that when it comes to working out…I’m lazy.

I’m disciplined but lazy.

Every day I do something to get off my chair and get moving but I’m not running any marathons over here. No one said my workout had to be strenuous.

I love the idea that being fit starts in the kitchen, meaning you are what you eat. When I read that being fit is 80% what you eat and 20% working out, I knew I could do 80% of eating right and 10% of working out which leaves another 10% open for what I’m in the mood for.


Want to fake your workout? Here are some easy exercises even the laziest person (me) can do.

*Exercise bike: I used to have mine in the family room where the television was located. I could ride for an hour without getting antsy because I was watching TV.

I moved my legs continuously! I thought this was pretty awesome until I tried spinning which is NOT for lazy people.

*Walk: You don’t have to be a power walker, even a long stroll around the neighborhood will burn calories. If I take my dog, she sets the pace which is usually pretty fast. I try to throw in a little jogging or a sprint to get my heart rate going.

*Pilates: What could possibly be better than working out WHILE LAYING DOWN? I bought an inexpensive version of the reformer and used it all the time. You can follow along with a dvd or a workout on YouTube. Its as easy or tough as you want it to be but the point is to get moving.

*Yoga: Like Pilates, this is as easy or hard as you want it to be. I find that Yoga is my number one choice of exercise because the poses can be gentle yet challenging and have physical and mental benefits. You can start off with something simple, look for Beginners Yoga or simple stretching. I love the Yogea channel on YouTube, plus DoYogaWithMe, YogaToday all on YouTube.

The Veria Living channel on TV offers yoga shows in the early morning (I recorded a bunch). I have a yoga app called YogaStudio which I have talked about before, you can do a quick 15-minute session or an hour long.

*Simple Weights: You don’t even need real weights here. You can use soup cans or water bottles here, do some bicep curls, tricep exercises. Do it in front of your TV, during commercials. Target has inexpensive weights if you want to purchase a set, you can also use one of those exercise bands which can be bought at TJ Maxx or Ross.

When I need some inspiration I visit Pinterest and look up ideas, I love the ones that list exercises like this:

Arms- 5 push-ups, 10 tricep dips

Legs- 10 squats, 20 lunges, 5 jumping jacks

Core- 20 oblique crunches, 20 regular crunches, 5 planks

In the past, I’ve run up and down my stairs to get my heart rate up, jumped rope until I couldn’t breathe, and danced until I needed to stop. For us lazy people, we just need to get moving every day. Do something.

Then take a nap.

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