Eco-Friendly Single-Use Luxury Napkins

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Have you heard about the napkins? I just learned about these products and I am super impressed with how well made they are! Here’s what you need to know:

Designed in Switzerland and produced in Italy, the napkins are the original premium napkin that looks and feels like a textile. The product line includes full-size dinner, appetizer, and cocktail napkins. Tablecloths, runners, and coasters are also available.

Made from a soft fiber, the napkins are a single-use, compostable napkins. They are eco-friendly, come in a variety of patterns, and are surprisingly supple. You won’t believe these are single-use, I thought for sure they were washable.

They are very durable too.

The napkins also offer bamboo napkins: PURE Bamboo napkins are made of bamboo fibers and are both eco-friendly and sustainable.  PURE Bamboo has the added benefit of being 100% compostable.

The Classic collection offers beautiful,  bright-colored napkins, perfect for parties or events. These look super high end and are very strong, good for wiping your face or a spill!

These are from  The Kitchen Line, a little rustic charm! These seem a little fancy for day to day but treat yourself!

I love all of these napkins and there are much more than what I have featured here, ideal for entertaining with a wide variety of colors and styles too.

I’m sure you could set a beautiful, all-natural, eco-friendly table with these napkins and other eco-friendly cups and cutlery. A centerpiece made from flowers and branches….too bad I don’t like to entertain because I’m visualizing a gorgeous natural setting!

You can find out much more and check out all the various products from this brand by going here.

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