Every Day Is Earth Day when You Use Green Beauty Products


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Chances are if you  use green beauty products, you are also into helping the Earth in ways that will keep it spinning longer. 

Though Earth day is upon us, those who like cruelty free, safe products have no need to change what we’re doing, we are just going to keep advocating for safe products.

A few of my faves include Schmidt’s Deodorant which come in a stick or a little glass jar. With safe ingredients, this is a winner. 

I HIGHLY recommend you swap out your conventional deodorant if you haven’t already and try a brand like Schmidt’s.

I’m sure you’ve read the reports of the aluminum – breast cancer link. If you do one thing for the safety and health of your body, choose a clean, toxin free deodorant!

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Indie Lee and Tata Harper are two big names out there in the universe, creating products that do not contain harmful toxins. This gentle pink purifying mask, which smells like a day at the spa, is from Tata Harper.
This little miracle in a jar helps reverse environmental damage by utilizing fermentation and probiotics among other nurturing ingredients. It’s ultra gentle and upon washing it off, skin is very soft and clean.


The Indie Lee CoQ 10 is an alcohol free toner that contains Aloe Vera and Hyaluronic acid along with the powerful antioxidant Coenzyme Q10.  I pump a little onto a cotton ball and dab over my face.

This is hydrating and refreshing, a nice way to prep the skin for a serum or oil before bed.

I love a good natural toothpaste and this Creme de Cinnamon from Nature’s Gate is what I’ve been using lately. It is Fluoride-free, preservative-free with no artificial colors or  sweeteners.

I like my toothpaste to have a nice flavor and this does, not overwhelming at all and the toothpaste itself is smooth, not gritty.

Nature’s Gate is also vegan and non GMO!

Camille Rose shampoo smells incredibly and feels tingly on the scalp thanks to the peppermint. Hair is soft and clean and though its a clarifying product, it doesn’t dry hair out at all- which is so important when you have color treated locks!

And when you are looking to paint your nails, check out Mineral Fusion. These vegan polishes are free from heavy toxins and come in a huge variety of colors.

Moonstone and Pink Fusion (shown above) are two of the newest shades for spring. They offer great color and long lasting shine. I like that the polish dries quickly too. I’ve used some of Mineral Fusions cosmetics in the past and really liked them- especially the face powder.

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