Gluten-Free Treats for Everyday


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Lately, I have been on a SUPER STRICT detox diet and I have been forced to get creative with what I eat. These packets have been a life saver!

From Philosophie, these Organic, Raw, Paleo, Gluten-free protein powders have given flavor and nutrients to my plain coconut yogurt and much more.

Green Dream, Cacao Magic, and Berry Bliss are all tasty without being sweet.

Berry Bliss contains organic pomegranate, acai, goji, camu-camu, mangosteen, maca, brown rice powder, coconut butter, brown rice syrup and vanilla bean powder.

Green Dream is made from organic spirulina, organic maca, organic mesquite, hemp powder, chia seeds, vanilla.

In Cacao Magic, you will find organic cacao powder, cacao nibs, reishi, mesquite, maca, chia seeds, hemp protein and vanilla.

You can add these powders to smoothies, juices, make them into sauces, add to coconut yogurt or butter, sprinkle on veggies and fruits. The possibilities are endless.

I added the Cacao Magic to my coffee with coconut milk and it was delicious. For this detox I am doing, I am supposed to stay away from dairy, sugar and pretty much anything else that I want to eat so I’ve been sprinkling the Berry Bliss into some coconut cream with shredded coconut for a grain free oatmeal and it keeps me full for hours.

There are so many vitamins and minerals packed into Philosophie’s products that anything you choose to consume will boost your health. These products are a fantastic way to get super nutrients into your diet.

I absolutely love products like these and cannot recommend them enough, go here for lots more!

When I want a cup of coffee during the later part of the day and do not want caffeine, I will make a cup of Mount Hagen instant coffee. I have always imagined that freeze dried coffee would be gritty and bitter but I was pleasantly surprised that it’s not.

Here’s what you might like to know:  
Mount Hagen is first certified organic instant coffee in the world. This coffee has special appeal for those interested in organic coffee with the convenience of an instant.  It’s great for travelers, campers, and small households.  Made from 100% arabica beans, Mount Hagen organic instant coffee is shade grown at higher elevations which produces a naturally flavorful, yet mild taste.

I like the fact that it’s organic and also this: 
What good is an opulent espresso to anyone if forests are destroyed and the soil is contaminated with aggressive chemicals just to produce it?  And does the finest single origin Arabica taste good to you if the coffee farmers can’t even send their children to school with the money they make from it?

Not to us. That’s why we work together with Fairtrade and pay the prices set by the organization. That’s why all of our coffees are organic, grown in small cultivations under shade trees. Which in turn is a reason why it tastes so outrageously delicious.

I really like this organic coffee and I am a very harsh critic of my coffees! If you want to learn even more about this brand, feel free to go here.

Last but not least is Nikki’s Coconut Butter Spread in the flavor of Vanilla Cake Batter. Like I mentioned, I am on this detox where I can’t eat anything fun especially anything with sugar. I found this on Amazon and decided to give it a try and within a week, I had cleaned out the entire jar.

Where else can you find a gluten-free, low sugar, dairy free, gmo-free product that gives you a bit of sweetness?

Here’s the important info:
Coconut butter is a spread made from the meat of the coconut much in the same way peanuts are used to make peanut butter.   Just like peanut butter, it can be enjoyed with your favorite fruit, combined into smoothies, blended into coffee, or devoured by the spoonful straight from the jar (our favorite way)!

Coconut butter is often referred to as a superfood for some of its amazing health benefits.  But what really makes coconut butter so sought after is the flavor.  Organic coconuts, like the ones we use, have a great natural sweetness that makes eating our coconut butters feel like eating dessert.  We use a tiny amount of organic coconut sugar in each jar to enhance this natural sweetness, so you can enjoy the amazing health benefits of coconut, without the guilt.

Though the flavor is Vanilla Cake Batter, it’s not sugary, rather it has a natural sweet flavor that is perfect for when you want a little treat but can’t have gluten or sugar.

I ordered this on Amazon but you can also order directly from Nikki’s website.

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