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Healthy snacking With Quinn Snacks

Healthy snacking With Quinn Snacks

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I am so excited to share with you my latest find in the world of gluten-free food!

Quinn Snacks makes an incredible microwave popcorn that is healthy and free from GMOs, chemicals, and plastic coating. Natural and free of nasty toxins!

For years I have avoided microwave popcorn, I’ve read numerous articles that talk about how toxic this snack can be thanks to GMO corn and the plastic coating. So many toxins in most microwave popcorn land this snack on the “avoid” list from many health experts.



Quinn Snacks, however, are non-GMO, organic and made with simple, delicious ingredients. I tried their popcorn with truffle butter and the butter and salt and I devoured the bag on my own! Everything real just tastes better. No artificial flavoring here and you can tell! Everything is real and pure. A+ on ingredients!

Say goodbye to hydrogenated oils, flavorings, colors, and everything else that goes into the other guys’ “butter” recipe.


My sweet pup waiting for her popcorn treat!


Flavors include Real Butter and Sea Salt, Vermont Maple Kettle Corn, White Cheddar, Parmesan & Rosemary plus Just Sea Salt. You can’t go wrong with any of them!

My favorite is to get comfy on the couch and munch on this popcorn while I’m watching a tv show.  After avoiding popcorn for so long, it was a treat to eat some finally! If my kids were still in school and I was packing lunches, I’d make up little baggies of popcorn for them as a snack. I was always so careful to make sure what they ate was healthy and not filled with chemicals.

If I wanted a little sweetness, I might add 1/4 cup of my favorite allergy free chocolate chips. Do you like the salty sweet combo like I do?

I was so thrilled to find a wonderful snack that is gluten free and Non-GMO. Popcorn has always been a favorite of mine but I stopped buying microwave popcorn thanks to the chemicals but now I can get Quinn Snacks!

Buy online or find a store here.


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