High Oxalate vs Low Oxalate: What Are the Differences?


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I’ve written before about Oxalates, those sharp little toxins that are found in fruits and vegetables, which can cause pain and inflammation. Because they are found in healthy foods, you may be consuming them, thinking you are eating a healthy diet and wondering what could be causing pain?

When I went gluten-free, I overdid it on almonds, almond butter, and almond flour. I baked with almond flour all the time, as this is the flour that is found in many gluten-free and grain-free cookbooks.  I’m allergic to all nuts except peanuts and almonds so I went crazy with them, baking protein peanut butter cookies all the time. I also ate a sweet potato every day for lunch and a smoothie with green apple, spinach, cucumber every day.  I knew I was eating super clean so what was causing me pain?


High oxalate foods


Learning about oxalates was a shock. How can healthy foods- fruits and vegetables- be toxic? If you have a normal, healthy gut, maybe your body can break these down and flush them out but for people like myself with a leaky gut, it’s not so easy. Oxalates can get into the bloodstream and cause all kinds of issues.


Why not to eat oxalate


As I’ve learned more about oxalates, I realized that eating foods containing high oxalates was my problem or part of it.  Eating a diet lower in oxalates helped me and if you have some health issues that are not getting better, consider looking at your oxalate intake. It’s really fascinating to learn about and seen under a microscope, they look like tiny pieces of broken glass.

If you want to learn more or educate yourself, I HIGHLY recommend the video below. I know a little about oxalates, enough to put together a cookbook, but people like Sally K. Norton are way, way more knowledgeable and its worth your time to listen.


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