How to Avoid Eating GMO Foods

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I was looking for information to share regarding GMOs and discovered the above infographic which does a good job of showing GMOs. I became aware of Genetically Modified Organisms a few years ago and that was when I fell down the proverbial rabbit hole of discovering toxins.
My first big step in learning about toxic ingredients was seeing the nasty chemicals allowed by companies for use in our personal care products including lotions, soaps, toothpaste, makeup and hair care, to name a few. That was an eye-opening moment for me, seeing these potential cancer-causing ingredients along with things that were proven endocrine disrupters lurking in products I, along with millions of other people, use daily.
GMO’s are found in everything from crackers to tortilla chips (corn is a big GMO crop) to cereals and more. These are not created in a garden naturally but in a lab with pesticides. Over 70% of our food is GMO.
You can bet that anything you buy that’s cheap and filled with chemicals is probably made from GMO derived ingredients which haven’t been proven safe, long-term.  In over forty countries GMO ingredients are banned but not here.  I almost always shop at a health market where products are clearly labeled with the Non GMO verified logo.
To make it easy for you, look for that label as well as produce stamped with a barcode starting with an 8 which indicates a GMO fruit or vegetable.
Check out this infographic showing the companies who have blocked the labeling of GMO foods. Don’t you want to know what you are putting in your body? I do.
Though eating a little bit of GMO products may not harm you for the short term, keep your eye on toxic accumulation, years of eating these items, years of using products with known toxins in them, years of building of chemicals in your body which sounds pretty dangerous to me!
For more info, watch the GMO OMG documentary which I found both fascinating and worrisome.