Interstitial Cystitis and Stress


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Thanks to years of this painful bladder disease, also called Interstitial Cystitis, I have learned so much. From what I have read, there’s typically a root cause for all disease and I believe mine was stress. The stress caused Leaky Gut which is where the junctions of your gut aren’t tight and all kinds of things can slip through and cause havoc.

When you have Leaky Gut, your whole digestive system is all unbalanced.  So many people have Leaky Gut along with Candida and don’t even know it until problems arise.

In my case, I ended up with this painful bladder which causes me to either have actual pain or feel like I have to go to the bathroom urgently when I  just went. It’s an annoying feeling, to always have to pee. 

There’s the urgency (I have to go NOW) and the frequency (I’ve been up fifteen times last night) to the pain and much more.

As I have mentioned, this led me to research oxalates and drawing the conclusion that high oxalate foods make my IC worse. Since every single person is so different, it’s not true to say everyone dealing with IC should reduce their oxalates. Some people can process and break down high oxalate foods and there’s no problem. With other people, it’s wise to examine your diet and see if oxalates could be making things worse.

I am talking specifically about the link between IC and oxalates. I’m not a doctor, scientist, or nutritionist but I have researched and studied enough to know the basics. When I have a flare, a sudden increase in symptoms, I can always trace it to a medium-high oxalate food.

It wasn’t always this way, for a long time I could eat whatever I wanted but I overdid almonds, almond flour, sweet potatoes, spinach, peanut butter which are all high in oxalates. When I made the IC/oxalate connection was also a time I was having a lot of stress and when I think my leaky gut got worse.