Light up Your Senses with These Gorgeous Candles

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I absolutely love lighting candles in the house. I love how they look and smell and I almost always have one or two or three burnings.

The Starling candle, above, really saved the day in a terrible situation recently.

Here’s what went down- we recently moved into a new house and are working out all the kinks and little problems that arise.

When my kitchen sink started filling with dirty water and overflowing, I dug my hands into the sink to remove anything that might have blocked the drain not realizing that the water filling the sink was actually sewage water! Ugh!

How disgusting.

It smelled absolutely vile and it was too late before I realized that backup wasn’t food from the garbage disposal but human waste.

Can you even imagine? Don’t.

After I scrubbed my arms and dried my tears, I reached for this candle to help with the smell. I wanted to save the Starling candle for my office but at this moment, the kitchen needed to be filled with a pleasant scent. Thankfully the currant and rosewood candle helped!

Anyway, here is what you need to know about this particular candle:
Lighting one’s home and lighting the world, the sale of each Starling Project Candle ($55) provides solar energy – which offers access to electricity, clean water, safety, health, education, and much more – to under-resourced countries globally via the support of key philanthropic organizations including UNICEF (the brand has already donated over $100,000 to UNICEF since its launch last December).

The candles themselves, which burn for 60 hours, are hand-poured in Brooklyn and feature a custom blend of premium soy-based wax, high-quality, all-natural essential oil-based fragrances, and a modern, minimalistic and monochromatic design. The candles are available in four enticing options:

  • JUNIPER + SAFRON – Rich, deep saffron notes are paired with delicate juniper offering a deeply demure and sultry experience
  • VANILLA + HEMLOCK – Hints of soothing, sweet vanilla are married with sharp hemlock for a smooth, unexpected finish
  • ORANGE FLOWER + AMBER – Velvety, warm notes of precious amber are rounded out by a light wash of uplifting orange flower
  • CURRANT + ROSEWOOD – Sweet tones of currant are harmoniously paired with the aromatic and clean scent of rosewood

Every time I light the candle now, I think about that horrible time in the kitchen and how this candle helped me get through it! I hope your reason for lighting a candle is more romantic and pleasant than mine. Here’s more information about Starling Project Candles- click here.
I don’t have nearly as dramatic a story to tell (thankfully!) about my sandalwood patchouli candle from Bright Endeavors!

I do love this candle and can appreciate the mission of the company:
Bright Endeavors transforms the lives of young moms by teaching these strong women to craft premium soy candles in a supportive, professional environment.

Through our paid job training program, we provide the guidance and job skills young moms need to secure quality employment and begin on a path towards professional success.

Here’s what you need to know: the candles are Made in Chicago, USA and 100% of proceeds support the young moms who create this candle. Candles are made with soy wax and have a phthalate-free fragrance.

Did you see that 100% of the proceeds support the young moms who make the candles? What a fabulous company!

My favorite scents are sandalwood and patchouli so I love burning this candle.

It smells SO good.

You can learn more by going here.