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Update:  since this article was first written, Nephure has been pulled from the market.  

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I spent a good portion of my day yesterday trying to find blogs that are geared towards those of us who are watching oxalates, and aside from the more medically geared sites, there’s very few! Why so little info on oxalates? Do you think its because oxalates are not well known yet? There are some really good articles from various dieticians, nutritionists, and doctors, but no one big resource for oxalates.

I can’t believe how these little anti-nutrients found in healthy foods cause so many issues yet the connection isn’t being made between health and high oxalate foods. I was specifically looking for cooking sites, hardly any out there. Please bookmark this site as I’m trying to gather information to share!

When I was new to being gluten-free, I cannot tell you how often I cooked with almond flour, not realizing the high oxalates in the nuts. The daily spinach smoothies and sweet potatoes for lunch everyday, I was eating so many oxalates thinking I was doing a great job being so healthy! Did I accumulate toxic levels of oxalates? This is a question that will probably remain unanswered. But I cannot be alone in this. With everyone I know (almost) doing a Paleo diet and going gluten-free, there may be an incline in those making the connection between symptoms and oxalate consumption.

For those of us who suffer when consuming high oxalates, I can recommend to you something called Nephure. I’ve been using it when I accidently have high-oxalate foods and it helps a lot. Mostly this happens when I eat out at a restaurant and have a hard time finding gluten- free foods, but what is gluten- free is often not low oxalate. If you have multiple food allergies or issues, you can understand how stressful it is to eat out! Sometimes I have to just suck it up and eat what I can find though each time I have a salad with spinach (high oxalate) or kale (which affects me though its not super high oxalate) I suffer.

My main symptoms after eating anything with high oxalates is that I have to pee constantly or it feels like I have to all of the time or I have pain in my bladder. I have spent many nights missing out on sleep because I’m up ten, twenty, thirty times a night. That’s not an exaggeration and there are many who have this problem.

Here’s the scoop about Nephure:

Nephure contains an enzyme called oxalate decarboxylase. This enzyme splits oxalate into smaller compounds naturally present in your body. The reaction starts with the enzyme binding oxalate ultimately pulling it apart into smaller pieces resulting in reduced oxalate levels.

Nephure is an innovative enzyme food ingredient that breaks down oxalate in your diet. It was developed by a team of scientists who are passionate about providing tools to offer more freedom of choice for people with oxalate-related nutritional limitations.

Nephure comes in single serving packets that you shake into water and drink after consuming foods that contain oxalates. There is no taste and it helps break down the oxalate particles easily.  The website itself has helpful information and I like how they define oxalates:

Oxalate is the chemical outcome of metabolism in plants. While oxalate serves an important role in the growth and regulatory functions of plants, it serves no known benefit for your body. Oxalate that you consume becomes a waste product and is disposed of through the kidneys and urinary tract. Oxalate is also considered an “anti-nutrient” because it binds with nutrients we need, like calcium, magnesium and iron, making them less available for your body.

On their website, Nephure offers recipes and tips and I think it’s a great resource. The scientists behind the product are certainly on the cutting edge because like I mentioned, I believe oxalates will be the new buzzword in the coming months.

For more information, please visit the Nephure website here.

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