What are Tiger Nuts? (paleo, vegan, nut and gluten free)


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Because I like to snack on healthy food and because I cannot have gluten among other healthy things (specifically anything high in oxalates like almonds), sometimes its hard to find a good little snack to give me protein and keep me full. I remembered reading about Tiger Nuts a while ago so when I saw them in the store recently, I grabbed a bag and hoped for the best.
You might be wondering, as I did, what are Tiger Nuts? I am allergic to several kinds of nuts such as pistachios, cashews, and walnuts, so I was a little nervous trying Tiger Nuts but fear not, these are not actually nuts, they are tiny root vegetables. They are sweetish in flavor reminding me of unsweetened coconut, and very chewy. They are dense in fiber and contain magnesium, iron, and zinc.
Here is what you need to know about them:
“Tiger Nuts are small root vegetables which comprised 80% of our Paleo ancestors’ diet around 2 million years ago. This ancient super food originates from Africa. It is currently cultivated in West Africa & Spain.”  source
In the Paleo world, tiger nuts are most famous as a source of resistant starch. Resistant starch is a prebiotic fiber: it feeds the friendly bacteria in your gut. Resistant starch has gotten a lot of attention recently for its ability to specifically feed the species of bacteria that might protect against various diseases.”  source
The bag I bought are from a brand called Organic Gemini and are made in a “gluten-free, grain-free, soy-free, peanut-free, tree nut-free, dairy-free facility in Brooklyn, NYC.”
Have you tried Tiger Nuts? There’s also a flour to cook and bake with but I haven’t tried that yet!

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