Alba Botanicals


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The ingredients from Alba Botanical Rainforest have been sourced from the rain forest and are Rainforest Alliance Certified. I take that to mean the ingredients are natural and come directly from the rain forest. Nothing is being destroyed to make these products.  

Albs Botanicals skin care line is pure and rain forest friendly, utilizing fruits, nuts, and oils.

You couldn’t do a better job of making skincare, bath, and body products unless you went to the rainforest yourself and mixed and blended nuts and fruits to make lotions and soaps right there under the Brazil nut trees.

I tried the Alba Botanica ACNEdote Face & Body Scrub which, although is brown in color- not the prettiest to look at, is great at sloughing off dead skin, and leaving you feeling smooth, skin is noticeably smoother.

The Alba Botanica Replenishing Cocoa Butter Hawaiian Hand & Body Lotion is made with a blend of jojoba, macadamia, flax, and sunflower oils.

It’s ideal for everyone since the scent is not too fragrant and it does a good job of melting into the skin and hydrating.

Andiroba Oil is rich in essential fatty acids and ‘has been known to heal wounds, kill bacteria, and reduce pain’ so there are clear benefits to using these products!

I like learning about the ingredients including acai, brazil nut, andiroba, tiger nut (a tropical grass), passion fruit oil, and more.  

I’m loving natural products and highly recommend checking out Alba Botanicals here.