All About Your Hands, Feet, and Nails


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I don’t paint my fingernails as often as I’d like because they quickly chip and flake from all the hard manual labor I do. No, not really… its because Im typing, sticking my hands in water and opening things with my nails! I love beautifully painted fingernails though and sometimes I use a nice scrub like Barielle’s 60 Second Mani Pedi which feels amazing and leaves hands and nails looking like a professional handbarielle-5086022 model’s.

I was super excited to try out a few of Barielle’s new metallic shades. As you know, metallics are BIG this season and I don’t expect these shades to go away any time soon. When was silver NOT  ”in”? Its a favorite of mine. I tried Slow Motion, a silvery lilac, Night Moves which is pure silver and Freestyle which is silvery green. Happily, these lasted a long time on my nails and Night Moves lasted over a week, looking pretty and freshly painted on my toe nails.

I want to suggest Barielle for your hand/nail needs. They have a ton of products to keep your fingers looking like you just got a professional manicure.


Occupying prime real estate on my toe nails right this minute is a shade called Scorcher by MAC. Its from their To The Beach collection.

After my silver shade, I was in the mood for something bright so I reached for this coral-pink-red shade. I usually apply 2 coats and a top coat and I love the way the color looks, so summery. (the other shade in the photo is called In the Buff and looks like a great neutral)

Scorcher is perfect with my new Swedish HasBeens!


I don’t know how to say it…Gee-wall? Geh-wol? Either way you pronounce it, you will like the product. A bamboo scrub for legs and feet that features sugar and bamboo powder to slough off dead, dry skin from your feet and legs. I used this earlier today and I must say, its very refreshing.

Along with being too busy for a manicure, my last pedicure was years ago. The problem is that when I’m sitting in the pedicure chair, trying to relax, my mind races with all the things I should be doing. Therefore, I do all my pedicuring at home. And I’m thankful products like Gehwol exist so I can do a good job in the comfort of my own home.

I felt a little tingly sensation when I used this, the scrub feels relaxing and my feet were left super soft. I’d post a picture but didn’t want weird foot fetish people sending me emails. Take my word for it- my feet look and feel good, super soft and smooth. You can also use this on hands, which, if they are like mine, can always use a little exfoliation. Go here for more information.