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If you color your hair- and who doesn’t?- then you need a good shampoo that will protect those chemically treated tresses. Aveda makes a great one that smells delicious. The shampoo is created from babassu betaine, Organic lavender, Organic peppermint, Organic ylang-ylang, Soy-derived vitamin E. If that means something to you, then good. I like my products to be very natural and healthy so the fact that it contains babassu betaine really speaks to me. Actually, this shampoo and conditioner smell wonderful and if I could roll around in it all day then I just might. As you know I love my hairspray. I wish I had the lovely locks that didn’t need to be locked into submission day in, day out. Alas, my thin, flyaway hair must be kept under tight control. I’ve been using this hairspray almost every day. It’s been hot and humid here in southern California and there is nothing worse than sticky hair. Luckily, this hairspray isn’t tacky or damp nor does it lose hold in the moist air. To be honest, I’m still figuring this one out. This magic potion is a powder that when added to wet hair, plumps the hair strands. With my frizzy head of hair, I can really benefit from this product. This is what Aveda.com says:
  • instantly thickens hair by 17%
  • relies on natural bulking agents acacia gum and kaolin clay
  • creates matte texture
  • great for creating a gritty, “second-day hair” look

Aveda Outer Peace Acne Relief I’m going to keep trying it until I completely figure it out and have Heidi Klum’s hair on my head. Acne, large pores, oily skin.. didn’t I pay my dues when I was a teenager with braces, headgear, and a prescription for Accutane? Thankfully there is a solution and products that work. The Outer Peace Acne Relief products will clear up those spots in no time. I’ve tried everything from ProActiv to Clinique and just about every item you can buy at the drugstore so I feel pretty confident recommending Aveda. Of course, salicylic acid is a key component here that tends to dry out the skin so I use it sparingly. I love washing all my makeup off after a long day and the foaming face cleanser washes off every last trace of concealer, blush, bronzer, and whatever else I’ve spackled on my face with a trowel in the morning. I’ve also been using the acne relief pads on the pimples that I have cropping up. As soon as I feel something brewing, I dab it with the pad and cover it up with Acne Spot Relief which is probably much better than my usual MO…picking and squeezing until a small pimple has turned into a giant, glaring, red lump. Back in my early twenties, I colored my normally blonde hair a dark reddish-brown. I began using the Aveda Cherry/Almond Bark conditioner. I liked the smell, the consistency, liked how it kept my color looking good. Over the years I started trying new things and let Aveda fall by the wayside. It wasn’t too long ago that I had my hair done at an Aveda spa. The entire place is done in feng shui with soothing music and calming, scented candles burning, rocks in clear glass vases, soft neutral-colored walls…it’s such a pleasant sensory experience, I wanted to sit in the luxurious pedicure chair and just sleep. They also keep some kind of delicious tea brewing, I’d love to get some of it because it’s the best tea I’ve ever had. With every hair coloring, you get a free hand massage with Rosemary Mint lotion. Not a free hand job, as I erroneously told a friend. My hands were rubbed, my mug was full. I was sorry when the afternoon was over and I was sent packing. Aveda is an environmentally conscious company and their products contain natural ingredients like green tea, honey, vanilla, wintergreen just to name a few. They produce makeup, fragrances, candles, tea, and of course lotions and potions for your body, hair, and skin.