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B. Kamins Chemist

I’ve been trying to post my review of this brand for a while. First my computer, with all my many pages of information and notes, crashed. It died like an old man with a weak heart. Then I am going through this. Last, I have been away on a vacation for a couple of weeks but now I am able to sit down and write about B. Kamins!

This brand focuses on skin conditions and how best to improve it whether it be anti-aging, repair, cleanse and tone, acne, eczema, dry skin, rosacea, sun care and moisture and masque.

I will admit that B. Kamins Bio-Maple Compound found in the products I tested, had me concerned. Immediately I thought the products would be sticky and smell like maple syrup. Rest assured there is not a bit of sticky sweetness about any of the products. Bio-Maple Compound is a moisturizing antioxidant, not something to put on pancakes and waffles.

I tested the BioMaple Eye Cream and really liked it. It has no smell and is very gentle to the eye area. Sometimes my eyes water with eye creams but not this one. Episphere-Blue is in this cream. What is that, you might ask? It is “tiny time-released capsules of anti-oxidant vitamin E.” 

One thing I am hyper diligent about is eye cream. I see those fine lines starting to simmer and I want to pamper my eye area as much as I can so I use this cream twice a day.

B. Kamins also offers a Therapeutic Eye Cream for dark circles and bruising. If you have surgery or bruising, this would help with the “post surgical trauma.” Can be used on other body parts too.

It’s a wonderful light consistency and like the BioMaple Eye Cream, doesn’t irritate the eyes or carry a heavy scent.

I love to take this into the shower with me and use it with my Clarisonic Skin Care Brush: the BioMaple Bamboo and Rice Facial Polisher. Just sounds good, doesn’t it? Gentle to the skin, without harsh beads or a gritty texture, this cleans and buffs the skin leaving your face looking smooth and radiant. 

Therapeutic Brightening Masque willhelp you achieve glowing skin. I love it when my face is flushed and healthy and smooth. With daily use if these products, your skin will be vibrant!

I don’t use moisturizer every day because my skin is on the oily side, (bad, I know!) but I love this Matte Moisturizer Spf 15 which doesn’t leave my skin slippery or greasy. I dot it on and wait a few minutes, then get out my trowel and apply my makeup.

The Glycolic 10 topical solution exfoliates and helps to erase those pesky fine lines that I look at in my magnifying mirror all the time. I used a little and thought it wasnt working so the next night, I was heavy handed in my application. 

I developed redness and irritation right away. I learned my lesson that when applying this, use sparingly! (common sense here)

The Cellular Renewl Serum is a must-have for clear skin. It does all kinds of things like gives your skin a glow, protects the skin, refines texture. I love it. 

It contains that BioMaple Compound as well as alpha hydroxy acids. Use this and let it sink into your skin and then apply your moisturizer.

I am certain that if you chose to use B. Kamins, you will not be disappointed. This is high-end, high quality skin products. The doctors behind the brand also penned a book called Beyond Botox. Don’t you love the name? 

I have a wrinkle that needs to be eliminated. Yes, I’ve considered a little shot. I’ve thought about a collagen injection. Then I received the book and started reading through it and reconsidered botox.

Beyond Botox features information on how to keep your skin looking fabulous without shots or surgerical procedures. This book includes foods to eat for optimum health and skin benefits, skin problems and how to treat them, aging skin and how to take care of it (and much more). 

What I liked about the book is that Drs. Ben and Howard Kaminsky don’t constantly harp on their own products as an answer to every skin problem. 

Instead, they tell what ingredients to look for and how to take care of yourself. This is an excellent tool to educate yourself!