Bubble & Bee – Pure, Organic Products


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coconut-lime-lotionstick-1574958I stumbled upon this company called Bubble & Bee who make pure, organic products. From the get-go, they were awesome, responding quickly to my email and sending me two cool products to sample.

As soon as I received my package, I examined the ingredients. Its a smart idea to read all the ingredients for everything you  put on your body. We don’t want an overload of chemicals, right?

And Bubble & Bee offer nothing but gentle, pure ingredients. I think you might be able to eat the lotion stick if you were really hungry. Use it on your kids, try it on a toddler! This stuff is perfect.

The lotion stick is created from- Organic beeswax, organic cocoa butter, organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic sweet almond oil, organic lime essential oil, certified organic coconut scent.

I love swiping this over my heels and elbows. Its perfect to rub over the tops of my hands which get dry often.


The organic lip balmis the bomb too! Just as pure as the lotion, this product- I tried the Coconut Lime–  has a lime essence I love. I’ve been using this everday and it sits on my bathroom counter to apply before bedtime. As we age, the lips begin to lose collagen and thin out so I like to keep them moisturized. This natural balm does the trick!

Bubble & Bee offer a full range of products, all natural and organic. I am especially curious about their “Pit Putty” and shampoo.

Have you tried going organic? Did you stop using shampoo with sodium lauryl sulfates? Don’t even get me started about aluminumn in deodorants. Make a few healthy changes this month and see how you feel! Compare the ingredients from the products Bubble & Bee offer, with what you find in the drugstore (which I’ve used and liked but can  be…not so healthy).

For more on Bubble & Bee, please head over to their site and peruse what they have to offer!