Josh Rosebrooks Vital Balm Cream & Advanced Hydration Mask


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Josh Rosebrook can do no wrong. I am a huge fan of his incredible products for so many reasons, they not only smell amazing but they are pure, naturally derived, and are always infused with the most beneficial ingredients that work synergistically and heal a myriad of skin and hair issues.

I instantly fell in love with his Cacao Antioxidant Mask and the Hydrating Accelerator, then started using the natural hair spray and everything else in his line of magical products. I’ve never been disappointed and have been using at least one if not two or three or four Josh Rosebrook products each day.

My latest favorite has been the soft and sultry scent he created called Ethereal which I use as aromatherapy when I need a boost or for special occasions! If you haven’t experienced this fragrance, check it out immediately!

Josh has recently come out with two stunning new products that work best used together, the Advanced Hydration Mask and the Vital Balm Cream which has a waiting list of over 600 people. You know it has to be something special for an item to have a waiting list. Of over 600 people. Amazing! Read the full story by going here.

The Vital Balm Cream offers the best of both worlds, creamy in texture like, well… a cream, yet thick enough to be called a Balm. I have used this all over my face from under my eyes to on my lips, to cuticles and it’s beyond nourishing, plumping the skin with powerful ingredients such as aloe vera, honey,  ashwagandha, turmeric, calendula, Indian senna seed and more.

I find the Vital Balm Cream to be super soothing to the skin and the senses, the light aroma coupled with the soft blue color is a treat for the soul.  This product basically instructs you to practice a bit of self-care and enjoy applying it!

The equally fantastic companion product is the Advanced Hydration Mask, made from a blend of organic and wild-crafted oils, butters, plus ingredients like Indian Senna Seed Extract , Ashwagandha, Turmeric Root, Rose Hips, Goji Berry, Calendula, Black Cohosh, Elderberry, Marshmallow Root,  and many more healing and soothing natural ingredients. Each ingredient is chosen for specific properties.

This too is a gorgeous color reminding me of the sea and the sky. I mist my face with my beloved Hydrating Accelerator which preps skin, then apply this dreamy mask all over my face.

I usually go do something will it works on revitalizing my tired skin. I will leave it soak into my to skin for as long as possible, then gently wipe it off,  then I coat my face with the Vital Balm Cream.

I love the consistency, the smooth texture, the scent, how my skin is brighter and softer after using the Advanced Hydration Mask.

You should know I have combination, aging skin, with dry areas around the eyes and cheeks. There is a visible improvement after using the mask and the Vital Balm Cream is the ideal way to seal in that moisture and keep skin dewy and healthy.

I could sit here and go on and on about Josh Rosebrook’s products which truly earn the words I use to describe them: wonderful, amazing, awesome, soothing, magical… no wonder why Josh’s products are everyone’s favorite and people are willing to wait for them when they sell out!

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