My Favorite Day Cream: DN-UNIK

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I have been using this day cream and absolutely love it so I wanted to share with you. The cream is amazing by itself or under makeup, day or night. Its for the face but I apply lightly around my eye area for extra hydration. The day cream is from DN-UNIK. Have you heard of this brand? I am so impressed! They do not use any ingredients that are toxic, no synthetic fragrance or colors, are made in France and boast the Eco-Cert label as well as certification from COSMEBIO, the Professional Association for Natural, Ecological and Organic cosmetics. The Age Defying Day Cream contains Hyaluronic acid, buckbean, and sea fennel extract.

Take a look:

 NATURAL HYALURONIC ACID Obtained from the fermentation of a mixture of algae and plants, it is known for its moisturizing and age-defying properties. It helps protect the tissues and preserves the water content of the skin.
SEA FENNEL EXTRACT Thanks to its content of vitamin C, minerals and trace elements, it helps improve skin radiance and tonicity.
BUCKBEAN Rich in oligo-elements, it helps restore skin’s natural firmness, tone and brightness.
 SESAME OIL Rich in vitamin E and unsaponifiables, it helps maintain the integrity of skin and helps prevent the skin from drying. It also helps protect the skin from external elements.
ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVE Protects the skin against the harmful effects of free radicals.
 WITCH HAZEL HYDROSOL Astringent, soothing, tightens pores.
What I like about this cream is how velvet soft it leaves my skin and how it is quickly absorbed without being oily or leaving residue which makes it the perfect choice for under foundation and concealer.  There are many skin care items in this line of products and I want to try them all if they are as effective as this one! You can learn more by going here.

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