New Fresh Fragrances From CLEAN Perfume


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Welcome to the CLEAN family of fragrances, CLEAN Summer Linen. How can CLEAN keep coming out with these fresh scents?

Id like to see one for winter incorporating pine and  crisp winter air. They can call it CLEAN Winter. How about it? 

I’m not  into heavy perfumes but I could wear CLEAN perfumes forever and ever. They are appropriate for all ages- anyone can smell like clean laundry- and its not in your face, its more of a light scent that smells…well, CLEAN!  

Summer Linen features notes of Citrus, Bergamot, Italian Limoncello, African Violet, Ice Rose, Sampaguita, Plum, Warm Amber, Musk, Sun-Bleached Woods, Sandalwood.


The last time I used powder on a daily basis was…I can’t remember. But that has all changed now with the introduction of new CLEAN Body Veil. It smells like the cult fave, CLEAN perfume and I’ve been  using it nonstop. I fluff it on before I leave my house, after a shower, during the day when I feel like I need a pick-me-up. The CLEAN scent is intoxicating but not over the top. Its subtle and refreshing.

Body Veil uses “Cotton Vantage, a new technology that blends cotton seeds, cotton extracts, and cotton proteins to help absorb excess moisture.” What a perfect alternative if you aren’t into wearing perfume!


I am never without my shower gel and if there’s a coordinating body lotion then even better. I like to layer scents, hoping it will help make the fragrances last longer. I go through the whole routine of gel, lotion, powder and perfume.

CLEAN offers up  large bottles of  shower gel and body lotion in the signature scents of Shower Fresh and Warm Cotton. The rich shower gel makes my shower smell so good that I don’t want to leave and the moisturizing body lotion hydrates my dry skin using cotton extracts, vitamins A and E, cocoa butter, and coconut and olive oils. I didn’t test out the Body Butter but I’d venture to guess that its extremely rich and luxurious and smells divine.


Have you seen this one yet? Brilliant! Its the  Anti-bacterial Hand Lotion. This is a must have in your purse,  back pack, briefcase, glove compartment. Buy it and keep it with you at all times.

This product is unscented, it  moisturizes hands and kills germs using “SafetyDerm® germ-fighting technology.”  It contains vitamin E, avocado, jojoba, and grape-seed oils which are all so nourishing for skin.