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Trying to find good  natural cosmetics is proving to be difficult but not impossible. Like a detective, I must look high and low for what I need, leaving no stone unturned. That means spending time researching ingredients, looking for companies who use mostly, if not all, natural ingredients. Big name cosmetics  are easily found at every CVS and Target  not to mention luxury brands at Sephora. What I’ve found is that the natural cosmetics companies are not going to be stocked at your local WalMart but yes, they are out there.

Here’s a fab company called Revolution that makes awesome cosmetics. Take a look!


This creamy stick of color, Freedom Glow, does not contain anything that’s going to make your skin react. Natural and  long lasting,  this product is a balm for cheeks, lips, where ever you need a bit of color. I love that its made from cold-pressed organic olive oil and organic coconut oil.  I’ve been using the shades of Bronzed and a lovely pink called Blushed.


If you want super soft skin that rivals that of a baby, try the All Over Skin Creme. Its an” intensive multipurpose moisture treatment” that contains 15 organic ingredient like  essential oils, vital plant extracts, vitamins and nutrients. Holy cow, my skin really absorbed this!

This rich- but not greasy- product is ideal for all over, there is not a pair of hands or feet that wouldn’t benefit from the skin softening properties of this Skin Creme. Love it!


Lip gloss, my fave! I don’t even want to know how much lip gloss and lip stick I have consumed over the years.  Now at least I know its healthy! 100% natural and 85% organic, these glosses contain vitamins and antioxidants. This Freedom Gloss uses organic plant proteins and extracts, jojoba oil, shea butter, aloe vera, olive oil (and more) add moisture and hydration to lips while giving a nice dose of shine. Mineral based pigments provide the color. Can we give this gloss an A+ all the way around?


Twenty two uses for this All over Body Balm? Use on every square inch of your body to moisturize and more. This stick is infused with organic butters and organic oils “rich in vitamins A, B,C and E.”

You may not think of using a product like this to tame flyaway hair, but you can. Use on cuticles, as a lotion, a lip balm, a facial moisturizer, makeup primer…and the list goes on.

I’ve been using this on my hands every time I wash them. This body balm is very soft and almost pliable, you can really moisturize elbows and heels as well as use as a hair conditioner. I’m going to use it on the ends of my hair for an overnight conditioning treatment.

I’m in love with these products from Revolution. All natural products that work? And aren’t harmful at all? I’m in. Find out more by going to their website here.

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