Talking with Rachel from EcoStiletto – Sustainable, Green Beauty & Fashion


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I’ve been reading  EcoStiletto for a while now and love the information on everything from clothing to beauty to cleaning your house, all naturally. I spent a long time on the “beauty” portion of her site, reading and rereading about organic beauty!

For me the process of being more “eco- conscious” blossomed within the last few years but as long as I can remember, I recycled and tried to conserve water and took an interest in healthy living. Now I am attempting to  fine tune what I use both on my skin and around the house and encourage friends and family to do the same. My kids balk at my healthy cooking and a pantry stocked with whole grain flax chips and natural fruit roll ups but someday maybe, hopefully, they will appreciate my efforts.

Who better to discuss ”going green” with than the founder of EcoStiletto herself, Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff?

She also has a cool blog called The  Mommy Greenest check it out!

What was the inspiration for starting EcoStiletto?

I’m a journalist by trade and had been writing about fashion and beauty for about 10 years when I realized that 1. most of the claims these products were making weren’t valid and 2. most of the manufacturing of these products was pretty toxic. There had to be another way! When I discovered sustainable fashion and beauty, it was like a lightbulb went off. Nail polish that didn’t turn your nails yellow? Jeans that weren’t made with a pound of pesticides? I was so excited–I had to share!

What beauty/skincare/cosmetics do you use?

What are your favorite brands? Do you only use natural products?

I’m such an eco-beauty junkie! I love Terra Firma–we just launched our SHOP with their entire collection and P.S. there’s a free three-piece eyeshadow giveaway through the end of the month! Click here for it. Also Josie Maran Cosmetics, Jane Iredale, Dr. Hauschka–in no particular order.

 How can the average consumer make the switch to become eco-conscious?

Do your research! If you plan to buy something, flip it over and look at the label. Unfortunately, especially when it comes to beauty, not all ingredients are necessarily listed, but if you see things like “paraben” or “synthetic fragrance,” it’s a pretty safe bed that other baddies on my Big List of Things That Suck  are in there, too. Join newsletters for the Environmental Working Group and Earth911, as well as EcoStiletto, of course. I really believe that the more we take responsibility for our own health, the more “eco” we’ll be–without even knowing it!

How do you deal with those who think being healthy and green is over the top?

I’m so non-judgemental, I really believe that you can only lead by example. I’ll change more minds by showing a woman a hot new lead-free lipstick than I will by beating her over the head with a bunch of boring facts.

What are some of your favorite books on the subject of health, being green, eco-friendly etc.?

One book that really changed my life is Healthy Child, Healthy World, which is basically the print version of all the info on their amazing website, I was also very inspired by Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, which is Barbara Kingsolver’s account of feeding her family for a year on only what she or her neighbors grew or cultivated–it’s full of so much information about factory farming that really puts the process in perspective. And I love Sophie Uliano’s Gorgeously Green series, and of course Skinny Bitch is such an awesomely hilarious form of enlightenment!

Have you seen a difference in your skin and health since going green?

I don’t know, I’ve been using clean products for a long time. I will tell you that my inspiration is my Aunt Lake, who does yoga every day, doesn’t eat meat and uses clean products. She’s 60 and I swear she looks 40. I should be so lucky!