The Best Smelling Skin Care Products You Should Have Now


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Skincare products that smell like flowers or have a clean, fresh scent are my absolute favorite things on the planet. Typically, I use a body wash or non-toxic soap, then a body lotion and a spritz of fragrance. No matter how many products I test and review, I have my favorites that remain my top photos through the years.


Best Smelling Products You Should Try


1. Jason Invigorating Rosewater Natural Body Wash and Shower Gel

I bought this recently and can’t get enough of the delicate rose scent. Rose is one of those fragrances that can easily smell cloying or sweet. This one just offers a light, rose scent that lathers up nicely and washes away completely but leaves a very gentle rose scent behind.

It doesn’t contain parabens, harsh sulfates, phthalates or petrolatum, it does contain rosewater and calendula extract.

I highly recommend this body wash which I purchased in a large bottle. In the past, I’ve tried the Aloe Body Wash and liked that one too but I think the Rose tops my list!


2. Shikai Lotion Hand and Body Gardenia

Here’s another product that I have purchased many times over.

I can’t think of any better scent than gardenia, except perhaps rose, jasmine, and honeysuckle, and this one is positively dreamy. 

You’ll love how this carries the scent of gardenia, along with the fact it softens skin thanks to a combination of pure aloe vera, wheatgerm & apricot oils.

This is a favorite for after a shower, I slather in on from head to toe!


3. kai Body Glow

Many, many years ago I was in Los Angeles and shopping at Kitson. I stumbled upon this product and after a quick spritz from the test, I was in love! This scent would get an A++++ if I were grading it.

It’s the absolute best blend of gorgeously scented flowers including jojoba oil, aloe, chamomile, and cucumber extracts.

Good news for those who are trying to be green and clean, this product is paraben, sulfate, phthalate, phosphate & gluten-free, cruelty-free, silicone-free, and vegan!


3. Molton Brown Orange & Bergamot Body Oil

This light citrus scent reminds me of sundresses and summer. On a hot day (which is every day here in Southern California), I like a cool shower followed by this body oil which leaves behind a delicious but very light citrus scent.

It’s an energizing and uplifting combination of Sevillian orange, neroli, and bergamot.


4. Pacifica Beauty French Lilac Perfumed Hair & Body Mist

Since I was little I have loved the smell of Lilacs. When I saw this body spray at Target, I bought it immediately! This body mist is just what I wanted. A simple spray that’s not heavy like a perfume but quick-drying and gentle.

Made from lilac, magnolia leaves, heliotrope, ylang-ylang, and hyacinth, it’s so summery and pretty.

This amazing body misty is vegan and cruelty-free plus made without sulfates, parabens, and petroleum. I have several Pacifica fragrances and I really like them. 

You can’t go wrong with any of these best smelling skincare products!