Travel-sized, sample-sized from Klorane for easy on-the-go personal care


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For me, packing is always such a challenge.  Not only do I want to bring everything in my closet but I want to bring my beloved beauty products!  

How do you limit what you bring?  

Do you bring full sizes? 

Typically I do bring full sizes because I am afraid of running low on products, I never want to be forced to use cheap hotel shampoo and conditioner.

If you have healthy hair, this isn’t a problem but for those of us who have fine, dry, color treated hair the worst thing you can do is use harsh shampoo containing sulfates.

Luckily, great brands like Klorane offer travel sizes!  

A travel size shampoo/conditioner should last about 2-3 weeks for medium length hair. I use a lot of product so I will pack extra. D ry shampoo is always a necessity, I use it quite a bit to either soak up excess serum, give hair volume, absorb oil, or just refresh hair.  With quality brands, you often don’t need to use as much product which means a single bottle will last a bit longer.

As I pack for an upcoming trip, I will be packing two bottles of shampoo, two of conditioner and of course, makeup remover wipes.  I always bring extra of those because they are a great way to clean up quickly if you don’t have time for a full shower or bath! 

Go here to see Klorane’s full range of travel sizes.

Also, note the Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray, I use this all the time- it helps if I have any allergic reactions like a rash from a facial mask left on too long or sunburn, I have also used it to wet my hair when I have to redo it.

Skincare- I won’t let my routine slide just because I’m not home. I NEVER go to bed with makeup, EVER. There are two things I do daily whether I’m sick or traveling: floss my teeth and wash my face!

Instead of bringing my complete arsenal of cleansing products, I will bring these gentle wipes from Klorane which remove eye-makeup without irritating my eyes which are prone to redness.  I think 25 eye-makeup removing wipes should last me the length of my trip and then some.

The Soothing Eye Patches are perfect for puffy eyes.  These cool and soothe the eye area and leave you looking refreshed.  Ideal for jet lag!

Need more sample sizes?  

Josh Rosebrook’s hairspray is my #1 choice!  You can get this in a 2oz since and really, all you need is a spray or two to lock hair in place.  Josh offers small sizes of product to try and you can learn more here. 

Just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean you can’t have top products with you!