Skincare Brands That Use Natural Ingredients


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I cannot get enough of the products that Josh Rosebrook creates. I always think of his products as being magical. They smell intoxicating, and they work!

This brand aligns with my desire to blend natural plant-based ingredients along with living a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain synergy inside and out.  My absolute love for nature plus Josh’s incredibly powerful products lands this brand at the top of my list!

I haven’t reviewed anything from Osmia Organics in a very long time! I keep their incredibly effective spot treatment on hand for an occasional pimple and I am frequently thinking about my favorite body oil, Sunset.

This brand is a long time favorite thanks to nature-based, non-toxic ingredients. Everything I tried in the past was A+ wonderful. Beautifully crafted soaps, body care, facial care, and more, Osmia deserves a spot on this list.

Kahina Giving Beauty uses pure, carefully sourced Argan oil in their products. The gentle Eye Cream and Fez Body Serum are among my favorites, but you cannot go wrong with any of the products from this brand. Everything I’ve tried is so lovely, pure, gentle.

I haven’t tried everything but I have tried enough to know that Kahina is a brand worth looking at if you are seeking clean, luxurious products.

Kari Gran makes a product called the Lip Whip and I love it. Extremely nurturing, these light glosses give lips a hint of color while moisturizing the lips. But Kari Gran offers more than the Lip Whips, there is a fantastic sunscreen, bath oil, bath soak and a balm that is exactly what dry skin needs called the Essential Balm. This is an ongoing favorite because you can use it everywhere from chapped lips to dry hands to the face.

Natural, organic, Non-gmo ingredients earn Kari Gran a spot on my favorites list!

Mahalo Skin Care comes to us from Hawaii! This brand crafts gorgeous products and I love using them. I was so sad to scoop out the last of the Rare Indigo Balm, I loved using it and scent was sweet and clean which I couldn’t get enough of!

My aging skin responds well to the Unveil Cleanser which is so special and unique. It is made from oils and butters, it cleanses skin and removes makeup. Skin is left super soft and clean, it’s a treat for me to use this!

I also love these incredible skincare brands:

Lina Hanson 



HollyBeth Organics